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Flags & Soft Signage

Flags are one of the best ways to advertise your company, brand or product. They are designed to capture the attention of people passing by. Whether being used to attract customers to your business or highlight special promotions and offers our range of flags offer a versatile way to attract the attention of your potential customers.

All our flags are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Using high quality dye-sublimation printing onto 117gsm knitted polyester they have an 80-90% show-through onto the reverse.

We offer 4 styles of flag (Fin, Feather, Crest and Teardrop) and each one has 4 different size options. The features below apply to all styles of flag:

  • Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble

  • Include high-performance aluminium and GRP poles (collapsible into multiple pieces)

  • Multiple options for bases

  • Beaufort scale 4 (13 – 18 mph)

  • All flags printed with black sleeves as standard, but white is also available at no extra cost

  • As standard our flags are setup to have the front face of the design with the pole on the left-hand side. However, you are welcome to supply your artwork flipped horizontally in order to have the front face of the design with the pole on the right-hand side.

Fin, Feather & Crest Flags

  • Small             – 2560mm tall

  • Medium        – 3150mm tall

  • Large             – 4080mm tall

  • Extra Large   – 5140mm tall

Teardrop Flags

  • Small           – 2210mm tall

  • Medium      – 2820mm tall

  • Large           – 3490mm tall

  • Extra Large – 4350mm tall

Bespoke Flags

We are also able to produce bespoke flags. Each flag is printed and finished to your requirements. Bespoke flags can be finished with Rope & Toggle (i.e. a rope sewn in with a toggle so it can be easily used on flag poles), Hems and Eyelets (stitched hem and eyeletted at equal distributions along the hem), or Pole Pockets (a pocket is added to allow a pole to pass through – we can make the pocket to any bespoke diameter).

Stowaway Outdoor Display

This is a highly portable and visual display stand. High quality fibreglass poles with graphic printed ono 117gsm knitted polyester. Sprung fibreglass poles pack away into a small carry bag.

One person can assemble this in 30 seconds! Watch the video to see how easy to use the Stowaway is.

Supplied with graphic, ground pegs and carry bag ready to go.

Available in 3 sizes: Small (1.4m wide), Medium (1.7m wide), and Large (2m wide)

Flag Accessories

Wherever you want to place your flag we can also supply the best method for standing it up. We have a range of bases, weights, ground spike, and car feet. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and which would be the most suitable base for your needs.