Have Your Company Seen And Remembered This Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas? Have you been wondering how you can reach out to your customers to say thank you and wish them a happy Festive Season?

In this electronic fast moving age it's easy to send an email or ping a text to someone.... however, how much better would it be to receive a card that someone has taken the trouble to write and send to you? Imagine that feeling - well you can help your clients and associates feel that way about you while you thank them for being there and remain in their minds as the New Year rolls around.

You may well have a clear view of how a Christmas theme can be woven in to your existing company branding, which is great and we can help you develop that. On the other hand you may be wondering about the most appropriate design and how you incorporate your company logo or images on to the card. The good news is that wherever you are in this thought process we are able to offer a design service that will take your vision and create a reality which is ready to print.

We are a very lean and responsive organisation so if you are thinking time is too short for Christmas then please don't worry. Our turnaround times for design are slick and final deliveries made promptly so we will be able to help you get your greetings to your customers in time. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.... phone us on 01245 790785 or send an email to us at info@chelmerprint.co.uk

As well as Christmas Cards we would be delighted to help you design and print a wide range of printed products. From business cards to corporate brochures and signage to clothing we have experience, knowledge and drive to enable you to achieve a fabulous outcome. Our whole range of printing services can be found at www.chelmerprint.co.uk/print-services

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our clients, friends and those of you who are reading about us for the first time. we hope that in 2020 we will continue to forge great relationships as all our businesses grow and reach new levels of success.

Chelmer Print are multi service providers of printed materials for local, national and international businesses as well as community organisations. We specialise in excellent print quality and a flexible, responsive service to your needs. Further details at our recently relaunched website www.chelmerprint.co.uk

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